Eudoxus Update #1

Here is the first development update, as well as the first post, for Eudoxus, the successor to Project: LUNAR! I am rebuilding the entire mod from scratch, keeping realism, atmosphere and of course entertainment in mind!

In this first update, the easiest bit was creating the world. To save time, I’ve decided to use a public domain pre-existing heightmap of a crater (courtesy of This is the heightmap:

Eudoxus Crater Heightmap
The heightmap for the mod’s landscape.

This had to be manipulated a little bit to ensure that it imported correctly, but it is now functioning in-game. I used a lunar rock landscape texture made by┬áCameron ‘cron’ Fraser under the Creative Commons license. Despite some tweaks which need to be made to the specular map, it is a perfect fit for Fallout 4!

I then had to create a custom climate, and in this climate, I had to disable the moon (for obvious reasons). I then had to create a custom weather type with no ambient colours and lighting, an intense sunlight and sun glare, and a fully black sky. This weather uses a custom image space, which adds a bit of blue (to ‘cool down’ the image, as well as tweaks to depth of field, fog and bloom. After this, the base landscape was finished!

Here is what the landscape currently looks like:

Screenshot (3)
The landscape of Eudoxus, in its alpha state.

As can be seen, some work still needs to be done (namely a modification of the specular map and a retexture of the lunar surface rocks), but it definitely captures the vibe of the moon pretty well.

And this is it for the first project development update. As I go through milestones during the development of this project, I will be recording the updates on here as they occur. The development of this mod should be relatively fast, as I intend it to be a much cleaner experience than Project: LUNAR, while still being rich with things to do!

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