Eudoxus Update #1.5

It has only been a couple days since the last update, however a few small changes have been made which I’m keen to show.

The first is the improvement of the specular maps. The ground is much less shiny and a lot more natural looking. For the ground cover, I’ve also decreased the density of the rocks, as I feel that it may have been a bit too dense prior to this change. Below is a picture of these changes:

The ground on the moon.

Secondly is the heightmap. I decided that while the first heightmap had a lot of definition, it was difficult to remove the banding of the image, which was causing visible ridges in the terrain. Therefore, I used a new heightmap from the same website as before ( This heightmap can be seen below:

The updated heightmap for the mod.

As can be seen, this heightmap still has the definition of a crater, yet it’s a lot more subtle, and the contrast is much higher without any visual artifacts. Here’s how it looks with the sun on the horizon:

The horizon on the moon.

The subtle and sparse ridge around the heightmap ensures that the horizon looks slightly cratered without being overwhelming. As can be seen, the specular maps also look much better with the sun glaring on the moon. Some lighting tweaks were also made, to give the lighting and environment more natural colours.

I am now happy with the way the worldspace looks and reacts to light. The next step is the implementation of the space suit, as well as the life support system. After much experimentation with Project LUNAR, the cleanest way to implement this has been decided already.

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